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SEO PBN Vendors – PBN Setup – Safety Practices – Scaling Your Business – Private Blog Network Training Video –

Hey guys, Dino Gomez here from Dynamik 365. So in this video I run thru some best practices for building, managing, and using PBN links within your SEO business.

Over the years I’ve come to realize there is a best way to build and buy PBN links for safety, effectiveness, and in regards to ease.

Easy Blog Network: (Safe PBN MGT Hosting):

PBN Vendors:

1). Matt Diggity: BEST IN THE Business hands down: (cannot stress this enough)

2). Seo Scientist : Konker

One great PBN Vendor on Konker I use (delivers completed PBN with domain + hosting)

See an exclusive interview with Matt Diggity:

Check us out at Dynamik 365 for more tips on how to escape your day job and start, grow, and manage your own SEO business.

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