SEO Audit

A SEO audit based on 3rd party measures (Google) that is actionable and evidence based. Includes mobile friendly and page speed. Discover A Lot More

Celebrity Website SEO Audit

This week we’re introducing a new theme to our weekly hangouts on air. We will pick a few celebrity websites and perform a quick SEO audit on each. This week we’re focusing on the music industry: Read more

The 30 Minute Mobile SEO Audit

George Freitag from Portent walks you through how to quickly and efficiently perform a mobile SEO audit on your website in less than 30 minutes. Featuring: George Freitag, Senior SEO Strategist Link Bundle: More Webinars: Discover A Lot More

Free Website SEO Audit Tool

Get your free website SEO audit report: The SEO report generated from this tool has an extensive checklist of areas you can improve your search engine optimization efforts. Effective search engine marketing Discover A Lot More